Digestion Diaries: SIBO resolved with Ketogenic Diet

For many years I have been helping people figure out what the right diet is for them. Actually I hate the word diet. I have been helping people figure out which foods make them feel better and which foods don’t. The absolute toughest case I’ve had in my 21 years in practice is Stacey, my wife.

Why is she a “tough” case? Well, if you have a spouse, would you want them telling you what you can and can’t eat? What supplements to take and when to take them? That’s the first reason, the second? Up until recently Stacey simply wasn’t ready to change. Even though she has been dealing with digestion issues for about 30 years she’s learned to “live with it”. I find that is the biggest obstacle I face with patients each and every day. Well, a few weeks before we filmed this episode Stacey was READY. She was sick and tired of feeling bad so she made a decision and jumped into following every recommendation I gave her. Guess what? Within days she was feeling better. After just 4 weeks her follow up SIBO test came back negative, she was clear from SIBO and feeling so much better.

In this episode we discuss:
Stacey’s Journey
Background on what SIBO is
The Ketogenic Diet and how to make it work
How to use MCT oil to enhance the Ketosis
How the ketogenic diet affects your mood
The most important point we discuss is being ready to make the changes in your lifestyle needed to get healthy. Once you are truly ready to heal, everything becomes easier.