Eat More Sardines on Keto (Ketogenic Diet)

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Part 2:
– Sardines (DHA)– 788mg/ 85g
– Sardines (EPA)– 742mg/ 85g

– Tuna (DHA)– 57mg/ 56g
– Tuna (EPA)– 41mg/ 56g

Sardines have 13x greater DHA than the Tuna.
Tuna has 18x greater EPA than the Sardines.

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In this video, Dr. Berg speaks about the factor why you must add more sardines to your ketogenic diet strategy. Sardines are just one of the most effective food you can take in if you are doing keto since it has healthy and balanced fats, a good amount of healthy protein and it is filled with nutrients specifically omega 3 fatty acids.
– Pacific Wild Caught
– D3/B12
– Calcium Phosphorus
– Selenium/Zinc
– B Vitamins

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