How Ketogenic Diets and Blueberries Make Your Brain Work Better

Robert Krikorian is Professor in the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Neuroscience and also Director of the Cognitive Aging Program at the University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center. His clinical as well as research passions include changes in cognition with aging, the impact of wellness problems on memory decrease and danger for Alzheimer’s illness, and also approaches to postpone development of neurodegeneration. His present research study involves examinations of the effects of dietary control and also non-pharmaceutical treatments, such as berry fruit supplementation as well as ketogenic diet regimens, on neurocognitive function in middle-aged and older adults.

1:06 – Dr. Krikorian’s distinct clinical occupation and also exactly how he got to his existing passion
8:04 – Dr. Krikorian’s research study on ketogenic diet plans as well as mild cognitive impairment (pre-dementia).
14:47 – The relationship Dr. Krikorian has located between insulin as well as cognitive function.
17:18 – Improvements in other neurochemicals after clients took on a reduced carb diet.
19:55 – Autophagy and also ketone metabolic rate.
22:16 – Why minimizing carbohydrates (and healthy protein) is more vital for ketone generation than consuming fat.
25:15 – The effect of ketones on biomarkers and also various other attributes of Alzheimer’s disease.
27:45 – The diabetic mind/ “Type 3 diabetes” theory of Alzheimer’s condition.
31:40 – Another housekeeping enzyme – Insulin Degrading Enzyme – and its relationship to Alzheimer’s.
32:30 – How youths can optimize their minds.
37:09 – Dr. Krikorian’s thoughts on MCT oil and also exogenous ketones.
41:30 – Why Dr. Krikorian came to be thinking about berries and also anthocyanin as a cognitive-enhancing food.
50:12 – Learn Dr. Krikorian’s very own diet as well as supplement routine (he’s kind of a badass).


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