Ketogenic Diets and Inflammation

Recently, on, they wrote up an extremely detailed body chemistry explanation of the role of diet, and a Ketogenic Diet specifically, on inflammation.

Here’s an excerpt:


Inflammation is a biological mechanism our bodies use to deal with internal and external events, such as combatting infections, repairing tissues or mitigating the immediate consequences of a fractured bone.

However, it often carries a negative connotation since many diseases provoke symptoms through the process of inflammation. So although it is absolutely necessary for keeping the human body functioning properly, like so many things in biology, too much or too little is the problem. Inflammation can be managed with and without drugs.

Here we will focus on ketogenesis and ketones with regards to treating inflammation since both drug and drug-free approaches can be discussed.

What is ketogenesis?

Ketogenesis is the process whereby your body produces molecules called ketone bodies, also called ketones (see What’s a Ketone?). For my fellow nerds, gaze upon the ketogenesis pathway below (in the full article at 1). For the non-initiated, simply keep in mind that the liver is ground-zero for ketogenesis, where fat is used as the raw material to produce 3 kinds of ketone bodies.

Read the entire article – it’s extremely detailed at: