Mark Hyman, MD- Ketogenic Diet & Brain Function

“Low-carb, high-fat ‘ketogenic-style’ diet regimens boost cognitive feature, particularly in clients with Alzheimer’s illness autism,” claims Dr. Mark Hyman.
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Show Notes:

21:52 Autism Similarities with Chronic Diseases
Dr. Hyman: I discovered this from you, Sid, that if you’ve seen one kid with autism, you’ve seen one youngster with autism. You are a doctor, yet I’ve taken treatment of individuals all along the age spectrum and also I’ve seen numerous clients with Alzheimer’s or very early cognitive disability or mild cognitive disability, and the patterns that you see, the disturbances in the biology and the insults are frequently really much comparable. I started to realize that whatever is going on in autism is just a level of magnitude better than we see in all these various other persistent health problems, but it is a whole lot of the exact same thing.

47:59 Ketogenic Diet as Therapy
Dr. Hyman: The question isn’t what is the brain run best on and also how does the mind function. It appears that the brain actually does terrific on ketones and we’ve discovered that from collaborate with epilepsy where among the conventional therapies for treatment-resistant epilepsy as well as very high fat, we call ketogenic diet, which is like 70% fat, 5% carbohydrates, 20 or 30% healthy protein, which really allows the brains to quit being cranky and start to work. I’ve seen this throughout the spectrum, like in Alzheimer’s patients or very early Alzheimer’s clients who are going down, it aids wake them up. Autistic youngsters that are having problems that are resistant to other therapies, it’s one of those points that I think of trying and also I assume in schizophrenic patients, there have been study that, as a matter of fact I simply saw a schizophrenic individual this week as well as started her on a ketogenic diet. I should be eating at McDonald’s. I am curious to see exactly how it’s going to function for her. If you look in the literary works, there are case reports, there are stories to N of 1, and also I assume we are mosting likely to start to see just how we can preserve mind function or enhance brain function via making use of often challenging, but very efficient diet plans.